When will my Truffle Trunk arrive?

The flamingos aim to pack and ship your order within 1-2 days of receipt but during busy periods it may take 3-5 days. Shipment is by Next Day Courier Service in mainland UK, or by First Class (signed for) Parcel Post for Ireland and other off-shore islands.

Are your truffles suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes you’ll be delighted to hear that our truffles are indeed suitable for Vegetarians.

Are your truffles suitable for Coeliacs?

While the majority of our products are made with non gluten-containing ingredients we cannot declare them or guarantee them as gluten free because of the environment in which they are packed and they may therefore contain traces of gluten (wheat and barley). Should you decide this is acceptable for you then please do not buy Cookie Moon, Ruby Fruit Sunday, Popcorn Carousel or Pistachio Marooned flavour Truffles as they definitely do contain wheat and/or barley.

This might be the Chai Tea talking, but I think I might be missing a flavour?

This can sometimes happen as our boxes are packed by hand and occasionally the mix isn’t perfect! Don’t worry though we can help: Please email us using the form below and we will send you some additional truffles!

I found an empty flow wrap? Where has my truffle gone?

Don’t worry – your box was packed by weight, you have no truffles missing – Hurrah! The empty wrapper you have found is nothing other than some extra packaging which can, albeit rarely, find their way into boxes.

Is your packaging recyclable?

All our cardboard packaging is indeed recyclable. Our truffle packaging films including our individual flow wraps and printed bags are now recyclable when taken to larger supermarket stores where they can be recycled with other ‘Soft Plastics’. Everyone at Truffle HQ is committed to protecting our environment and reducing packaging waste. A good example of this is the significant steps we have taken to reduce fuel usage and needless additional packaging consumption thanks to using flow wrapped truffle pieces across parts of our range. For more information about our environmental initiatives please contact us with the form below.

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Is your palm oil sustainable?

Monty Bojangles is a very keen green cat (well he’s black actually) who works closely with his trusted partners and suppliers, all of whom have fair and ethical trading policies so we take the business of ethical trading very seriously. We are RSPO Supply Chain Certified (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) which means the palm used is of the highest environmental standard and fully sustainable, and is not detrimental to the environments of wildlife.

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