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Posted 4:00 pm July 1, 2024

Milk Toasty Popcorn – Our NEW Chocolate Bar


Calling all chocolate-loving adventurers of the world!  Exploration awaits you with our NEW chocolate bar, Milk Toasty Popcorn. This dangerously delicious bar is crammed full of crunchy, caramelised roasted corn which blends perfectly with the rich creamy chocolate, allowing you to reach new heights in flavour discovery.

If you’re someone who takes great delight in the perfect balance between sweet and salty, then we can say with absolute certainty that this is the chocolate bar for you.

Indulge in this delightfully delicious and absolutely (un)shareable chocolate bar that promises to take you on an irresistible flavour adventure.  Just close your eyes and imagine silky-smooth chocolate of the highest quality, mixed with warm buttery popcorn to create bite-sized squares of perfection.

And just hold your horses, because the fun does not stop there!  As with our other bars, upon each bite-sized square you’ll find a character; your opportunity to create a message, even a poem, or a song perhaps.  Our only word of warning would be that once unwrapped, these chocolate bars are so tempting that you may not be able to resist them before your message has been received!

So, what on earth are you still doing here, reading this?  Our Milk Toasty Popcorn chocolate bars are available NOW at Sainsbury’s – let the chocolatey adventure begin!


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