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Posted 9:33 am August 10, 2022

Monty Bojangles Wins 5 Great Taste Awards in 2022

Monty Bojangles Wins 5 Great Taste Awards in 2022

We have done it again! Winning 5 Great Taste Awards this year for our fantastical Choccy Scoffy, Orange Angelical, Ruby Fruit Sunday, Cocoberry Blush and Caramel Haze flavours!

Choccy Scoffy

“These truffles look hand made as they have inconsistent shapes and a lovely rich cocoa dusting. On tasting, the truffle melts almost immediately and fills the palate with a delicious rich creaminess.”

“A traditional shaped domed truffle with a smooth texture and a clean plain chocolate flavour. Delicious melt in the mouth buttery flavour.”

Orange Angelical

“Visually attractive, these truffles are a generous size with an enticing orange flavour. The quality of the chocolate used is rich, strong but not oversweet and balances perfectly with the orange flavour, Although initially they look dry, upon eating they melt on the tongue. They are silky smooth and the candied orange peel adds to the overall effect.”

Ruby Fruit Sunday

“These rustic looking truffles look handmade with their irregular shape and lovely cocoa dusting. They smell deliciously of red berries and chocolate and this is also reflected in the taste with all the ingredients working well together. We also liked the crunchy bits of wafers which provided some texture to contrast with the smooth and creamy chocolate truffle.”

“Good regular size of truffles with a fair even dusting of cocoa powder. The texture is firmish, pleasant and given interest and lightened with a biscuity crunch. Sugar and sweetness levels are high. Raspberry is marked, supported and balanced by the less obvious strawberry which works well with any bitterness derived from the cocoa content.”

Cocoberry Blush (Vegan)

“We liked the artisanal appearance of these well-dusted truffles and were not disappointed by the well-balanced, fruity taste and enticing texture. They are moreish, grown-up and would go down very well at the end of a delicious dinner. The level of sweetness is just right and the chocolate tastes of good quality. Even the judge who does not particularly like the combination of raspberry with chocolate went back for more.”

“These truffles are homemade in appearance with an interesting initial flavour, bringing in coconut and raspberry. The truffle itself is smooth and silky while the coconut adds dimension in terms of texture.”

“We liked the rich indulgent appearance of these cocoa-dusted truffles and we thought the use of raspberry was really delicate. The caramelised coconut pieces add an excellent textural interest and a layer of sweetness that’s really clever. A compelling truffle.”

Caramel Haze (Vegan)

“These look like lovely handmade truffles, uneven in shape and dusted with cocoa. On tasting, this is a beautifully made truffle with a delicious hazelnut chips which give it an interesting crunch. The chocolate has a lovely depth of cocoa which delivers a luxurious finish.”

“We loved the rich and indulgent look of these truffles, which had a good shape and size and a sweet aroma. The silky and smooth texture was really pleasing and we liked the textural contrast of the hazelnut chips against the bitterness of the chocolate. The sweetness was well-balanced and the caramel flavour was very subtle, just generating a slightly buttery mouthfeel, which was a good accomplishment for a vegan product.”

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