By Fred the Flamingo

Posted 12:30 pm August 9, 2019

Monty Bojangles Wins 4 Great Taste Awards 2019

We are thrilled to report that Monty Bojangles have yet again won awards at the recent Great Taste Awards 2019. This year we won 4 new awards including 3 2 Star Awards for our cocoa dusted truffles. This takes our total Great Taste Awards won to 32 across the last 6 years!

We are proud to declare ours are the tastiest chocolate truffles in the kingdom!

Great Taste Awards 2019

2019 Award Winners

2 Stars! Cookie Moon Cocoa Dusted Truffles

A buttery cocoa dusted truffle packed full of choc-chip cookie pieces and coated with a generous dusting of exquisite bitter-sweet cocoa powder.

  • This buttery biscuity truffle recipe won a 2 Star Great Taste Award in 2019.
  • “Decadent looking truffles. Very enjoyable texture – especially the unexpected crunch, and the smooth creamy centre. The chocolate has some great flavour. A very enjoyable sweet treat, very moreish. Would one box be enough? A very beautifully made ganache, with tiny touches of crispness. We feel this may have a touch of feuilletine. Very enjoyable. Rich and decadent. Very special.” – Great Taste Award Judges 2019.

2 Stars! Scrumple Nutty Cocoa Dusted Truffles

The ultimate hazelnut experience. These seriously nutty praline cocoa dusted truffles are packed with crunchy toasted Hazelnut chips.

  • This superb truffle recipe won a 2 Star Great Taste Award in 2019.
  • “These are lovely looking little nuggets of truffle. Enticing. The nose is very chocolatey. They melt in the mouth. The chocolate mouthful is velvet and silky on the tongue with a lovely coolness. The balance of chocolate and nuts is perfect. The little chips add a delightful texture. A beautiful product.” – Great Taste Award Judges 2019.

2 Stars! Popcorn Carousel Cocoa Dusted Truffles

A salty sweet sensation! A buttery popcorn flavoured truffle with Crêpe Dentelle pieces for added crispy crunch.

  • This delectable popcorn truffle recipe won a 2 Star Great Taste Award in 2019.
  • “Sweet chocolate on the nose with notes of popcorn. On the palate, the salted popcorn comes through beautifully; we enjoyed the flecks of salt. We couldn’t stop eating them…literally couldn’t. They are delectable. All of the flavours work so well together – just mix into a delicious blend of chocolately naughtiness. The crispy wafer texture add fabulous interest too. Fresh, salty, sweet and outstanding.” – Great Taste Award Judges 2019.

1 Star! Pistachio Marooned Cocoa Dusted Truffles

A deliciously creamy pistachio truffle with crumbly crunchy macaron pieces – the flavour of pistachio gelato!

  • This light and creamy pistachio truffle recipe won a 1 Star Great Taste Award in 2019.
  • “Attractively cocoa dusted truffles with a rich chocolate and a good crunch from the macaroons which gives a good contrast of textures. These are pleasing to eat and not too rich.” – Great Taste Award Judges 2019.
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