Winter Wanderland Truffle Advent Calendar 250g | Monty Bojangles

Winter Wanderland Truffle Advent Calendar 250g

Countdown the 24 days to Christmas with the Monty Bojangles truffle Advent Calendar! An assortment of curiously moreish, intriguingly shaped, individually wrapped cocoa dusted truffles, with a scoffable pack of Scofflets truffle bites with a hint of sea salt for the final window.


This mythical themed Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar is packed full of Great Taste Award winning flavours: Choccy Scoffy, Orange Angelical, Scrumple Nutty, Popcorn Carousel, Pistachio Marooned & Cookie Moon. Makes an ideal gift for chocolate lovers everywhere.

  • Count down to Christmas!
  • A Scofflets Pouch for the 24th day
  • All Great Taste Award Winning truffles

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