The Land of Monty Bojangles

At Monty Bojangles we utterly adore creating chocolates and sweets.

Welcome to a land of delightful delicious wonder! The land of Monty Bojangles – where our pioneering hero explores the exotic landscape of the unbelievable to discover and deliver the ultimate chocolates and treats for you to enjoy.

Each of our wonderful boxes started life as a semi incoherent (and utterly unstructured) babble of enthused, excited deliriums about flavour invention, inclusion experimentations and physics defying taste structures. This fevered cacophony of taste theoretics is married (the hasty devil-may-care romantic kind) with practical treat-chemistry, as we stuff into our grinning mouths all the varied ingredients and chocolates to simulate our pre-baked inventions and hence demonstrate the sage-ness of our own particular making madness.

Bells, buzzes, alarms and explosions can be heard from behind the closed doors of this most secretive conclave of our choco-lunatic party…

In the meantime (in an equally noisy part of MBHQ) our design creatives bombard physical and digital (and spiritual) canvases with colour, pattern and shape. Bells, buzzes, alarms and explosions can be heard from behind the closed doors of this most secretive conclave of our choco-lunatic party. Dare you to peek your head through the door as I have, and prepare to be greeted by the dazzling acrobatics of our (only partially understandable) design wizards, spinning as they do in flurries of bombastic ribbons from the ceiling. These intense creatives craft with flurries of scissors, paints, glues and tapes, while laptops on springs pirouette, and desktop thinking machines pump vivid virtual spaces onto their rather hip and happening HUDs.

…the blithering genius of our taste-inventors…

In the kitchens the completely ill-formed, haphazard, almost blithering genius of our taste-inventors is patiently interpreted by our chocolatiers, confectioners and chefs. With watchmakers precision and care the seemingly endless tempering, mixing, moulding and tastings begin (we are always interested in recruiting a new truffle taster! – email us now!) until the final and perfected finished delight is fully refined and completed. It is now nirvana enough to be packaged in a Monty Bojangles box!

…Cannon is our preferred distribution method…

With our creative work complete there is nothing left to do but flood the shelves with our delicious new inventions. Cannon is our preferred distribution method – our boxes leave the factory in a glittering trajectory and to booming overture toward your local store.

We really hope that you enjoy our curious creations! Your feedback and involvement is welcomed and encouraged! Please contact us with the links below, or visit our social media sites.

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