Our Premium Coffee & Teas

Our Coffee

Our medium roasted coffee is a premium blend of Arabica & Robusta beans with soft cocoa notes and a creamy texture, characterful rich aroma & velvety chocolatey finish.

Selected to perfectly complement our delicious chocolatey truffles

Our Teas

We carry a selection of deliciously refreshing luxury teas from Teapigs to complement perfectly a divinely indulgent truffle moment! Available blends include Earl Grey, Chamomile, Mao Feng Green Tea, Chai & Peppermint leaf.

Truffley Hot Chocolates & Speciality drinks

Adding truffles to hot drinks is not just a good idea, it is an incredible idea! We have worked tremendously hard (and eaten many many truffles!) at perfecting the recipes of our Truffle Hot Chocolates and Mochas to make them a significant class above the normal quality and chocolaty-ness of such drinks elsewhere. Put simply, they are utter chocolatey dynamite! If you are even remotely of the chocoholic persuasion you must sample their rich and creamy delights!

Truffle Mocha

A delicately whipped Cafe Mocha made with our velvety coffee and heavenly melted truffles finished with chocolate truffle shavings.

Truffle Hot Chocolate

The creamiest chocolatey hot chocolate made with melted truffles, and finished with chocolate truffle shavings.

Put simply, these hot creamy drinks are utterly chocolatey dynamite!


Truffle Milkshakes and other chilled drinks

Make a truly divine, creamy soft and utterly delicious milk shake. Make it refreshing, flavoursome, moreish and irresistible. Use the best ice creams, fresh creams, sauces, flavours and inclusions. Blend it swiftly to keep the shake chilled and textured. Perfect the recipe utterly. Then (and only then), once perfection has been achieved, begin to add truffles, truffles and more truffles.

Perfection is only achieved with the addition of truffles, and more truffles

In addition to these incredible milk shakes we also offer refreshing gourmet Iced Lattes and Truffle Frappes – made with our premium coffee shaken into crushed ice and featuring our delicious chocolatey truffles (naturally!).

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