Scrumple Nutty Treasure Box 200g | Monty Bojangles

Scrumple Nutty Treasure Box 200g

Introducing our Scrumple Nutty truffle Treasure box. A delicious collection of cocoa dusted truffles, consisting of our great taste award winning Scrumple Nutty flow wrapped truffles.

With your taste buds all of a whirl you won’t be able to resist our beautiful individually wrapped Scrumple Nutty truffle treasure box, perfect to share with friends or as a gift, this collection of nutty curiosities is sure to delight even the most discerning of chocoholics! With 20 truffles there is enough for everyone in our Treasure Scrumple Nutty assortment.

  • Perfect to share
  • A beautifully designed Treasure box to gift
  • The ultimate Nutty flavour

£5.00 .