The insanely indulgent and giant hot chocolate drinks now available in Monty Bojangles Truffle Bar

If you want a hot chocolate of the luxurious kind then how about one made with real chocolate truffles?

Monty Bojangles Truffle Bar in Reigate sells hot chocolate made with three chocolate truffles of your chosen flavour from its own range of this traditional sweet treat.

Alongside three regular flavours of truffle-infused hot chocolate, is this season’s ‘special’ – the Popcorn Carousel Cocoa Dusted Truffle hot chocolate.

Retail manager Rob Newlands said the ‘special’ gives the hot chocolate a “lovely, buttery, salted taste”.

For the Popcorn Carousel Cocoa Dusted Truffle hot chocolate, three truffles are put in the bottom of a 12oz cup and mixed with warm milk and the shop’s chocolate sauce.

It is then topped with cream, sliced pieces of the Popcorn Carousel truffle, a wafer – and of course, real popcorn.

Available all year round are the Flutter Scotch, Orange Angelical and the Choccy Scoffy flavoured hot chocolate drinks made using the truffles of the same names.

Mr Newlands said the Choccy Scoffy, made from the original Monty Bojangles truffle, is the best seller.

The Flutter Scotch is made from a butterscotch flavoured truffle which adds little crunchy bits to your drink.

The Orange Angelical features the chocolate orange flavour of this truffle.

All are topped with whipped cream and truffle shavings.

Mr Newlands said: “We have worked incredibly hard to perfect our divine truffle hot chocolates, using recipes which include our very own award winning Monty Bojangles cocoa dusted truffles.

“Our goal is to send every customer on a true taste adventure, the most unforgettable curiously moreish experience. If you are even remotely of the chocoholic persuasion you must sample these rich and creamy delights.”

How much is it? The Choccy Scoffy, Flutter Scotch and Orange Angelical are £3.25 and the Popcorn Carousel is £3.50.
By DeborahMorris Surrey Mirror  |  Wed 25 Jan 2017

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